About Training

In the era of Technology, institute realizes the radical changes in the employment pattern of fresh graduates. This is chiefly because of the following reasons: Industries wish fresh graduates to be productive from the very first day Student looks for campus placement in blue chip companies particularly in the area of Technology.

It needs:

  • Sound communication skills
  • Strong domain knowledge
  • Corporate work etiquette
  • Familiarity with recent trends and challenges
  • Therefore, at UCASM the importance is given to training programmes. Training at institute level is taken care by T&P Cell. It provides assistance to the students in counselling and guiding for their successful career which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic programme of the students and their entry into the professional career.

    Important Training Activities:

  • Student Development Programme (SDP)
  • SDP is a one week dedicated programme arranged during the semester break for enhancing students' technical knowledge & soft skills and prepare them for campus placement. This is followed by regular programmes during semester

  • Seminar/workshop
  • Large number of seminars/workshops are arranged every semester to update students with current needs and challenges in industry Personality Development Programme

  • Industrial Visit
  • To familiarise students with industrial environment which they are likely to pursue after completing their course successfully