Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Management

Career Field in Aviation management

B.B.A. Aviation Management or Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Management is an undergraduate Airline Management course. An BBA in Aviation Management is an excellent degree to have to help you enter the aviation industry. This Course is for those students whose career objectives are toward the management and operation of the airside activities of the aviation industry. This course will equip students with the knowledge and professionalism required by the Air Transport industry in the 21st century. Aviation Management provides skills for employment within an airport management role. Students learn about airport planning, airport security, passenger forecasting, aerodrome works, fire safety, dangerous goods and many other related topics. Individuals will be supported and encouraged to realize their full potential to face the management challenges of this dynamic industry. It focuses on the issues such as types of Aviation Management, enterprises in airlines and their relationships. In addition, the Aviation Management industry is being analyzed from marketing, planning and policy perspectives at national and international levels. Therefore, the program will provide students a strong background in the Aviation Management field as well as business and leadership practices. Aviation provides the only transportation network across the globe and it is crucial for global business development and tourism enrichment. Air transportation is one of the most important services to offer both significant social and economic benefits. Airline management does not work independently of other players in the air transportation industry. Course provides an overview of airline management decision processes with a focus on economic issues and their relationship to operations planning models and decision support tools. It emphasizes the application of economic models of demand, pricing, costs, and supply to airline markets and networks, and it examines industry practice and emerging methods for fleet planning, route network design, scheduling, pricing and revenue management. The duration of the course is four years and this course provides many job scopes to the candidates after its completion.

The objectives of Aviation Management program are:

1. Offer high quality education for students to acquire theory as well as practice in the field of Business and Aviation Management at international standards.

2.Build confidence in students by providing a creative and student-centered teaching and learning environment and prepare them with necessary personal and professional skills in the field of Aviation Management to become a lifelong learner.

3. Build productive academic and professional partnerships with public and private institutions in the field of Aviation Management at national, regional and international level to prepare students for the needs and challenges of the air transport industry.

B.B.A. Aviation Management Course Suitability

1. Those who want to understand the key factors that influence airline success, successfully craft a case for change and present ideas designed to influence decision makers, prepare a business plan and test various strategies for implementation are good suit for it.

2. They should have skills like learning organization attitude within your department, introducing the leadership styles, self assessment questionnaires and motivation.

3. Candidates also should have good situational leadership, problem solving mind, decision making and dealing with difficult people.

4. They also possess skills like time management, coaching and monitoring and self development.

How is B.B.A. Aviation Management Course Beneficial?

1. It is beneficial for those who are seeking their carrier in aviation and also for further education such as Post Graduate Diploma & M.B.A.

2. It contributes to economic growth by serving tourism and trade. It also provides jobs and increases tax revenues. Air transportation is essential for the fast movement of people and cargo shipments around the world. Finally, air transportation improves the quality of people’s lives by broadening their leisure and cultural experiences.

3. They have good option of going for higher degrees and then for further research studies.

B.B.A. Aviation Management Job Types

Entry- to mid-level managers
Managers new to the aviation industry
Managers in related industries seeking insight to the aviation industry
Aviation professionals entering a management role
Credit/ Control Manager
Test Manager-Airline /Air Port
Assistant manager-Airline Insurance
Deputy Manager-Airline Contracting
Assist Manager-Recovery & Credit
Branch Manager-Sales Operation

Admission Requirement:

  • HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate)/12+/ A-Level (Group :Any)

  • Minimum GPA 3.00 in both H.S.C & S.S.C
After completing the BBA major in Aviation Management degree, students will participate in Airline Management, Airlines Sales and Marketing and other airlines management fields. This is a very specialized business program other than general BBA.

Program Structure:

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program consists of 140 credit hours spread in 45 courses and Internship project. Out of these 45 courses, 39 courses are general core courses, SIX courses are compulsory Concentration/major courses. After completion of all the courses, students are required to undergo 12+4 weeks' Internship program in an Aviation/business organization. Approved Support Center, Newport University CED, Latvia, European Union. The following structure provides details of course distribution.

Course Duration: 8 Semesters (48 months), 4 Years

Type of Courses                              No. of Courses                   Credit Hours
A. General Courses                                 39                                         118
B. Concentration Courses                        6                                           18
C. Internship                                                                                          4
                                                         _______                              ________
                                                              45                                        140     

Area of Concentration:

1. Aviation Management
Area of others Concentration:
2. Accounting
3. Marketing
4. Human Resources Management
5. Industrial Management
6. International Business
7. Management Information System (MIS)

8. Tourism & Hotel Management

The General Courses will be offered in the first, second, third, and a part of fourth year of the program. On successful completion of General Courses, the students will choose an area of concentration from among those offered by the University/College. The Internship program is to be carried out in a business organization, usually in the form of applied research work in the relevant area of concentration. The Internship program will be offered at the end of fourth year (final year) of study. The grade obtained in the Internship program will affect the CGPA, and 4 credit hour of weight is allotted for the program.