UCASM provides high demandable courses

Students who wish to work in the aviation industry and any software firm, IT firm or any networking field can study in "UNITED COLLEGE OF AVIATION, SCIENCE & MANAGEMENT" for aerospace or aeronautical engineering, BBA in Aviation management and B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering.

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Management course covers:

  • Aviation Management
  • Aviation Safety & Security
  • Air Traffic Services
  • Airport Emergency Services
  • Airport Terminal Management
  • Civil Aviation Management
  • Airlines Sales & Marketing Management
  • Flight Service
  • Cargo Management etc
After completing the BBA in Aviation Management degree ,student will participate in Airline Management ,Airlines Sales and Marketing and other airlines management fields .This is a very specialize business program other then general BBA.

Aeronautical Engineering:

The main goal of the Aeronautical Engineering programme is to provide our students with quality aeronautical engineering education. The programme aims at providing our students with a broad theoretical knowledge base and equipping them with strong practical applications, so that they are fully prepared for jobs in the aerospace industry or aviation related fields and are qualified to pursue postgraduate studies in aeronautical engineering or other related engineering fields.
Stdents can build their career int the following fields:
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Airframe and Engine Designing
  • System Engineering
  • Liason Engineering
  • Aero Manufacturing etc
After completing the B.Sc Aeronautics degree, students will sit for the field of AME, System Engineering, Airworthiness Inspection/Engineering and other aviation maintenance related jobs .This is very specialized engineering program which is more demandable then other general engineering courses.

Computer Science and Engineering:

Our modern world is run on computing power. PCs, mobile phones, telecoms networks, medical equipment, air traffic control, satellite navigation – hardly any area of 21st century life is untouched by computers. As a student, you will have access to NUI Maynooth's state-of-the-art computer labs as you acquire theoretical knowledge of the fundamental principles of computer science and software engineering, along with the ability to apply these principles in practice using modern tools and methodologies.
You will study all the essentials of computers and software, as well as key areas in mathematics, business, and organisational studies. You will participate in extensive supervised practical work, including a six-month placement in industry. You will acquire hands-on programming skills and advanced problem-solving techniques, and you will learn to think logically and analytically when approaching complex issues. You will also develop your creativity and communication skills.
Stdents can build their career int the following fields:
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer System Engineer
  • Web Development
  • Database Administration
  • Networking
  • Mobile and telecom etc
After completing the B.Sc Computer Science and Engineering program ,students will enter into very highly demandable IT sector .As our government has given priority to make Bangladesh a digital in all development sector, a there are lot of openings in our country I Computer networking, Software Engineering , Datawarehouse & Datarmining & many more IT consulting positions.