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Sporting Club

UCASM Sporting club is committed to the provision of sport and recreation opportunities to students, staff and the general public. The easiest way to play sport or get fit is to join our sporting clubs! The club competes in different levels of competition, so you can compete for WARRIOR pride or just for fun! Members of UCASM Sport Clubs compete regularly in local, regional, state and national level competitions. As a club member, you will also have the chance to compete in national inter-university championships.

News 1: May 01,2015

we r going to start our first training session of all batches of UCASM on 03/05/15(sunday).... everyone are requested to attend on sunday.....
Place: 14 no sector (Alia math)
Time: 9.00

News 2: April 13,2015

Our new instruments... we r going to arrange a trail match to select our college team....so those who are interested to join our team pls contact with Ashad Ul Islam & Shariar Zaman Shamrat...or u can post ur information on this page.https://www.facebook.com/pages/UCASM-Sporting-Club
Example is given bellow....
Name: _____
Bowler or Batsman: _____