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Position: Lecturer (Aeronautical / Aviation)

No. of Vacancies


Job Description / Responsibility

- Able to conduct the theoretical class in the class room.
- Able to demonstrate the practical class in the lab & hanger.
- Able to follow the safety precaution rules and regulations during practical work.
- Capable enough to prepare lesson plan and scheme of work .
- Expert in prepare question paper and conduct the exam.
- Having ability to access the answer sheet and prepare the result.
- Must be high skill in English and Bengali.
- Smartness and presentation skills is count as extraordinary quality.

Educational Requirements

-B.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering with M.Sc or higher degree (Mphill / PhD) will be count as added quality.
-B.Sc in Aviation Science with M.Sc or higher degree (Mphill / PhD) in Aviation Science is count as additional quality.
-B.Sc in Mathematics, EEE, Chemistry, Physics with M.Sc or higher degree in the same subject.

-B.B.A in Aviation Management with MBA or higher degree in the same subject is preferable.
-Honors in English, Economics with Masters in same subject.

Experience Requirements

at least 1 year (Full time)

Job Context

- Looking for Lecturer (Aeronautical / Mechanical / Avionics)
- Conduct the theoretical class
- Demonstrate the practical class
- Prepare the lesson plan
- Scheme of work
- Question paper
- Conduct the exam
- Access the answer sheet
- Prepare the result sheet and deposit to the exam controller.

Job Requirements

- Quick learner and good knowledge along with good problem solving ability.
- Experience in teaching will be given priority.

Job Location

Uttara, Dhaka

Please send your CV to

Application Deadline: July 10, 2018